Drug Testing Services ~ Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. I run a six pack charter. Do I need to be enrolled, what about my first mate?
A.Yes, you both need to be enrolled

Q.  I am tested at work, do I need to be in a program?
A.  Yes, you do. You need to be in a separate program for each vessel you work on

Q.  What if I am away when selected?
A.  Notify us prior to leaving, you can go for the screen when you return

Q.  I spend the winters in Florida, what then?
A. No problem, we have an network of labs all over the country. We will find  an acceptable site for you.

Q.  Is alcohol part of the screen?
A.  No, alcohol is not partof the screen

Q.  I am in a program now, can I transfer to Sea Test, Inc?
A.  Yes, just provide us with evidence of your current enrollment and you will not be required to submit a pre-employment screen.

Q.  How do I get notified if I am selected for a random draw?
A..  Your choice, e-mail, text, or by phone.

Q. I run a “T boat, what about my wait staff and band?
A Wait staff, entertainers are generally exempt, provided they are not involved in the safe operation of the vessel, such as assisting passengers on board.

Q.  Can I be selected more than once in a calendar year?
A.  Yes, you could be selected on consecutive days. You remain in the pool regardless if selected

Q. How do I join Sea Test?

A. Submit the application
Submit a copy of a drug screen
Pay the required fee on our website.
We then enter you in the pool and mail you your required papers.