Drug Testing Services

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Federal regulations state that many of those involved in the maritime profession are required to be enrolled in a random drug testing program that meets the guidelines as established in CFR 46 and CFR 49.  This would include:

Charter boat captains
Masters operating “T” boats
Anyone associated with the safety of the vessel

So, what does that mean??

If you are a martime mployer, your crew must be enrolled in a program that satisfies federal regulations. This would include your captains, deckhands, and mates.. These employees then become part of a pool where 50% of that total is randomly drawn in the calendar year.  The employee must then immediately report for a drug screen at an approved collections site.

If you are an owner of a passenger vessel carrying 7 or more passengers, your employees must be in a common consortium.  You are subject to audit by the US Coast Guard at the time of your annual Certificate of Inspection review.

So, where do we come in:

At Sea Test, we take all the work required and allow you to concentrate on operating your vessel.

All we need is a completed application and a copy of a recent drug screen no more than six months old.  We then issue you your certificate of compliance, wallet card, vessel decal, and a DOT approved alcohol swab that satisfies the requirements that your Operator or Master submit to an alcohol screen within two hours of a serious marine incident.

Once you are enrolled, we pay for all random screens and submit the required reports to the government each spring.  We will also provide you with a Power Point program to show your employees to satisfy the requirements for Employee Assistance.